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Partner with your Imposter

Why would I want to partner with the little voice in my head saying "Um, excuse me - are you sure you can do this? What if you fail...?". After diving into the strength and upside of partnering with your Imposter, the Soul Sundays community walked away from the September event feeling motivated and confident in themselves and their abilities.

At our event at CIVANA Wellness Resort in Carefree, AZ, we switched things up by starting with our discussion. This month we chose the topic of Imposter Syndrome. Now, what even is Imposter Syndrome? It is a common psychological pattern where individuals doubt their accomplishments. It has been around for years and it disproportionately effects high-achieving women in the workplace. When we found research that shows 70% of women suffer from the feelings of being an Imposter, we knew we needed to take a deep dive with our community in order to gain confidence and support in our daily lives.

Brittny King led the Soul Sundays community through a discussion on where Imposter Syndrome comes from, how to acknowledge it, and gave tangible takeaways to lean into ways to manage your mind and your thoughts. You can find all of our resources in detail in our workbook.

This small group discussion was so empowering because as a life and business coach, Brittny has been there. She has been in all of our shoes, and maybe yours too, where we find ourselves spiraling through the avoidance action, the self-doubting thought, and the resulting feeling of inadequacy.

Giving everyone the space to reflect on their own and come back together to share as a group allowed us all to see what we are not alone. The thoughts in your mind are just sentences - they are not facts and they are not truths. What is true however are your actions! When you take the time to acknowledge the emotions based on a situation and pause to challenge the thought of doubt and reframe it into an action of growth, you partner with your Imposter. That deserves celebration! Your Imposter shows up when you feel uncomfortable and uncertain, but as you reframe your approach to this feeling, you realize that it shows up during the times when you are growing the most. As you learn to manage the Imposter mindset, you will find an increased self-worth and more courage to work towards your goals.

We could have stayed in small groups and talked all day, but we broke out from our groups to shop at Jala's pop up shop. Jala is a clothing company based in Phoenix, AZ. This brand seamlessly blends the essence of yoga with sustainability, ethics, and responsibility. With every Jala purchase, you become a force for change, as they proudly support Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit organization devoted to empowering women and children in India to create sustainable livelihoods. They promote mindful living and helps transform lives by uplifting communities.

As with every Soul Sundays, we used the remaining time to move our bodies. It is important to nourish both your mind and your body. This month we moved through a root chakra flow. The root chakra is your sense of safety, stability, and security. When you are uncertain of yourself, as sometimes comes with the feeling of being an Imposter, your root chakra becomes out of balance. We flowed through movement to re-ground and re-center. Flowing through a moving meditation after such a pivotal conversation allowed our community to work through any thoughts that may have come up and bring focus to them as we moved breath to movement.

As we move into September, we are certain our community feels empowered after talking with Brittny King and feels grounded for anything that may come their way this month. We hope our intentions focused around embracing growth through challenges will help us feel confident as obstacles arise. Stay connected by joining our next event or find us on Instagram. Brittny King is also available for 1:1 and Group Coaching to help you grow into the best version of yourself!

Our challenges this month are to recite your daily intentions each work day. Those intentions may be focused on how to react when a thought of self-doubt comes up. Maybe that intention is to say "I am confident and I am capable." What are yours?

As we reflect on our September event, we value our community and their openness to each personal growth topic! The connections made through the Soul Sundays community continue to blossom beyond the monthly events. Thank you to everyone that attended and a special thanks to each partner that supported us in the creation of this event. We look forward to the next time we are able to connect!


– Julie & Tess

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