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Developing Healthy Habits

Our August event left us feeling equipped to take on a new healthy habit to enrich our daily lives. We are grateful for all the amazing partnerships at this event, from the locations that hosted us, which included Scottsdale BODI and Schmooze Café, to those that donated small bites, refreshments, apparel.

Our event began at Scottsdale BODI, where trainer, Ramsie San Miguel, hosted a boxing class for the Soul Sundays community. It was a first time boxing for many (including us!), but being surrounded by supportive women was empowering for each of us to take the challenge head on. When we think of BODI, we think of health, fitness, and the power of consistently showing up for yourself. While brainstorming a concept for this event, we found ourselves coming back to the impact positive, healthy habits can have on your mind and body. When consistently showing up for yourself, you inspire others around you. As BODI trainer, Ramsie San Miguel said "BODI is a home of like minded individuals all striving to survive and thrive each and everyday together". For this reason, we chose the personal growth topic of the power of healthy habits - something that the BODI community thrives at promoting!

BODI is not just a workout class that you pop into for your daily movement; it is a space where you will find support, joy, and community. You will find optional enhancing programs centered around improving your life from every angle, such as accountability challenges and benchmark check ins.

BODI Boxing and Midi Bites at the Registration table for Soul Sundays

Fueled with endorphins from BODI boxing, we reconnected on the Schmooze back patio while enjoying light bites and coffee. We couldn't have a conversation about habits without thinking of Mindful Lifestyle, a local lifestyle coaching company. Alex Ostrow, the founder of Mindful Lifestyle, specializes in coaching clients in how to build healthy habits and achieve their goals. Coming from a place of familiarity, she approaches each interaction with a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding. She graciously agreed to share her expertise with our community and provide a snapshot of what Mindful Lifestyle brings their customers every day.

So what is a habit exactly?

  • A usual way of behaving

  • Something a person does often in a regular and repeated manner

  • A settled or methodical tendency or practice

  • A behavior done with little or no thought

Why work so hard to build small habits?

Small changes lead to big results over time! Small positive habits have the ability to change the long-term trajectory of your journey and your identity. A snapshot of the many benefits include:

  • Good habits help you release non-productive habits

  • Assist you to reach your goals

  • Improve your productivity and efficiency

  • Guide you to the person you want to be

  • Increase your overall quality of life

  • Boost your mood and energy levels

  • Bring out the best in yourself (and others)

How do I build a healthy habit?

Well, unfortunately, there is no one formula to create a healthy habit that defines how long it will take or what the approach you must look like. Everyone is unique, and at Soul Sundays that is celebrated.

How you build your habit will look different from everyone else and your timeline in finding consistency in that habit will be unalike those around you - that in its self is something to be proud of! Healthy habits are for the individual and it is empowering that your habit is not subject to comparison or condoning, it is uniquely yours. You will find ways to incorporate small changes into your life; you will find ways to show up for yourself just because you are worthy. Know that there will be hard days and it will take continuous effort. Even when your habit is built, effort is required at times to maintain it!

We provided our attendees with tools on how to develop a habit with a goal in mind, to support the consistency, and to gauge the progress. In addition, the Soul Sundays community was given a habit tracker to keep themselves and those around them accountable. Wherever you are today, there are many tools available to start building a new habit. You can access our tools through our Session 4 workbook in our shop! Within the workbook there is a habit implementation guide, created with the help of Mindful Lifestyle, with details on the many different ways to make building new habits easier.

No matter how you choose to implement or what habit you focus on developing, remember the power in simply starting. Start small and keep in mind, a habit has to be built before it can be improved!

For additional support, join our next event or find us on Instagram. Mindful Lifestyle is also available for 1:1 Mindfulness Courses to help you identify your goals and find ways to support them!

This month we have challenged our community to implement one new healthy mental habit and one new healthy physical habit. We have chosen habits that reduce our time on our phones and support daily movement. What will you chose?

As we recap and reflect on our August event, we value the opportunity to try a new form of movement and to start new habits with a strong community of women. The connections made through the Soul Sundays community continue to resonate far beyond the monthly events. Thank you to everyone that attended and a special thanks to each partner that supported us in the creation of this event. We look forward to the next time we are able to connect!


– Julie & Tess

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