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Move. Mind. Soul.

Who we are

Soul Communities connects like-minded individuals who share a common interest in health and wellness, providing the space for movement and reflection.

Our events are curated to provide a space to move, grow, and connect. By creating meaningful connections, we believe we are able to find more joy in our everyday lives.


Our Event Offerings

Breathing in Yoga

Our signature event

Soul Sundays


Through movement, reflection, and connection, each Soul Sundays will give you the space to move and reflect with the community. To live our fullest, happiest lives, we must take time just for us - to reflect on where we are at and consider the direction we want to grow.

Connecting with Friends
Meeting new local businesses

Come move & connect with us

Sunset Silent Disco

Sunset Sweat

Try a new workout in a social space. These week-night, happy hour style events are your opportunity to find movement and connection in a new way.


Each pop-up workout class is hosted through partnerships with local gyms, breweries, resorts, and more, to make your weeknight movement more fun!

Outdoor yoga sculpt class

Summer Sculpt

Kickstart your weekend with movement - Join us for a dynamic outdoor yoga sculpt workout focused on low weight, high reps to strengthen your body.


After each class, refuel at a partnered brunch restaurant. This event will leave you energized and ready to tackle the rest of your weekend.

Why Soul Communities?

Each different type of Soul Communities event is created to provide the perfect blend of physical fitness and mental wellness. We have learned you can not have one without the other.

Whether it is at Soul Sundays, a Sunset Sweat, or Summer Sculpt - you will be introduced to new ways to workout, new faces to connect with, and a new concept to challenge the way you think.

Creating meaningful connections

I love the personal accountability Soul Sundays gives me.

I set my intentions and reflect on the month prior and it helps set my upcoming month up for success, with clear intentions on what I want to focus on...

I just love being around those with a similar mindset and connecting with new faces every month!

Jordyn T


What do I need to bring to a Soul Sundays event? A journal and pen is always recommended, and depending on the movement, a yoga mat is often recommended.

Where are the events held? We partner with various spaces in the Scottsdale area to bring a unique experience at each event and allow you to find spaces that bring you a sense of connection to the community.

Do you cut off ticket sales at any point? While we try to keep ticket sales open for walk-ins at each event, oftentimes, space limitations lead to events selling out.

Why should I attend? Break up your routine and take a healthier approach to happy hour with a workout event that will make you feel challenged and empowered!


Go ahead, follow along

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