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Importance of Creating Community

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

If you've been following along, you know that this quote deeply resonates with us and our "why". At Soul Sundays one of our core values is cultivating community connections because we find more strength together than we can find a part. As transplants to Arizona, it took both of us a while to establish our community. Separately and together, we found that as we built a support system of friends, family and social connections, we grew happier and felt more grounded in our daily lives. Through the last few years, from COVID to the now ever-growing presence of social media, we found ourselves struggling to find those genuine connections at times. Hence the creation of Soul Sundays!

This month, Soul Sundays focused on breaking down the word "community" and gave space for everyone to reflect on what that looks like for them. We sometimes forget is there is not a specific mold that your community needs to fit into, and for that matter, even broader, there is not mold that YOU need to fit into. We know…sometimes social media leads you to believe otherwise…but we promise - it's true! There is so much opportunity for comparison. If you take the time to connect with a community where you feel a sense of belonging, there could be even more opportunity for you to find more joy and bliss in where you are at right now and who you are actively choosing to surround yourself with.

Our event was hosted at the Bouldering Project - Tempe (BP) and as a large group we defined community and social connections, reviewed the science behind making social connections, and established the different types of social connections. The event emphasized the concept of quality over quantity. You should not be concerned about the quantity of your connections or the size of your community, but rather, find strength in the quality of each and every person in your community. When you surround yourself with people that support you, that offer an ear when you need to talk, that celebrate each little joy, you find that your daily life is enhanced. Not only do social connections help your mental health, they also have a profound impact on your immune system and lifespan. You can take the deep dive into everything we reviewed and explore spaces of personal reflection in our workbook.

We used our event to celebrate our community and our growth through a good ole fashion game of BINGO. Each BINGO card included different squares from personal passions to personal experiences and everything in between. This allowed our growing community to get to know each other. Each completed card was entered into win a raffle and was a representation of the joy found in creating genuine connections.

Once our cup was filled through new connections, we were led through a yoga flow by a BP instructor that celebrated the Soul Sundays community. The BP team were gracious hosts and have created a community that was impressively cultivated before their doors even opened. Through their space for movement and in interactions with their employees, you can feel the genuine passion for connection. BP is more than a climbing gym that offers fitness and yoga classes, they also provide space to work remotely, to try something new with your kids, and to feel rejuvenated with a cold plunge.

To be honest, it's a space that you'll have a hard time leaving! The yoga flow was just a sneak peek of everything they have to offer, and it left us wanting to come back. Yoga gave us the space to reflect on our topic of community and reflect on how we want to show up for our community this month. We believe that spending this time just for you, within your breath and your body, we were able to really "hitting home" the topic we discussed.

A Soul Sundays event would not be complete without some yummy treats, obviously! This month we were able to partner with a handful of wonderful vendors that showed up for their community on a Sunday afternoon to enhance their experience. We ended our event with a vendor village, something we may need to recreate for months to come! We could've spent all day there! Our village included:

  • Dose of Youth B12 Shots: As a mobile business, Dose of Youth brings all the services and expertise of a clinic right to your doorstep. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation, Dose of Youth will come to you and provide the same high-quality care and personalized attention.

Dose of Youth is opening their first brick and mortar location just down the street in Tempe! As an Arizona native, Dose of Youth is here to support the local community they have grown to love.

  • Cura Kitchen Salad Bar: The salad they offered was full of nourishing toppings, included the option for a mouth-watering chicken protein, and an added creamy serve yourself dressing.

Cura Kitchen is a local meal prep company that brings healthy, ready to eat meals to your door. The Owners are dedicated to serving you meals made with real, unprocessed ingredients to support your overall wellness and nourish your body. You can choose a plan that fits your needs with flexible delivery options. The best part - you won't get bored of their meals as their menu rotates weekly!

  • NOCCO Energy Drinks: Each attendee was refueled after our yoga with an energy drink full of amino acids. Each flavor is sugar free and low calorie - they can be found at your local grocery store.

  • Midi Bites: These vegan bites made from clean, simple ingredients provided a tasty treat.

  • Cold Plunges from the Bouldering Project: Oh wow! Have you ever felt 38 degree water?! For 3 minutes?! This was a first for us! Guided by some of the BP employees, we found peace in slowing down our breath, releasing our doubts, and somehow did all three minutes! We left feeling rejuvenated for the week ahead.

  • Beats from Armada Sounds: A local Scottsdale DJ group, kept the vibes up throughout our time. They have been our most consistent partner, and we are grateful for their support.

With this event, we feel like we kicked off Fall and kickstarted our October. We hope that as you move through your month, you are guided by the intentions you set and you prioritize your connections to your community. Know that Soul Sundays is always here for you to offer you support, grace and growth. If you weren't able to make this event - join us next time for a Boxing Class with Rumble Boxing or for a Mat Pilates event at Schmooze that will be paired with a cooking demonstration. We are grateful for this community as it grows into a supportive bright light in our lives.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!


– Julie & Tess

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