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The Power of the 10x Self

The concept of the 10x self challenges us to aim higher in our aspirations. Often, when we envision our future or set goals, we gravitate towards what feels immediately attainable. These are the goals that seem practical and within our grasp. Let's face it, many times we fall short of achieving them. We lose track, our focus shifts, and we stop measuring our progress.

Traditional goal-setting can unintentionally limit us. We might dismiss our wildest dreams, setting our sights only on what feels manageable in the short term. We postpone taking those initial steps towards our grand visions because they seem too audacious. But why do all this preliminary limiting, before we event try?

Before diving deeper, I want to share a personal perspective. I've never considered myself a "goal" person. My focus tends to be on daily habits and routines that bring me joy and a sense of accomplishment. Some days, my actions are guided by "vibes" rather than strict plans. I mention this because visualizing our 10x self isn't just for the super-ambitious. It's not exclusively for aspiring CEOs, founders, or marathon runners. It's for anyone who has ever daydreamed about their future.

One of the fascinating aspects of tools like visualization and positive affirmations is their impact on our brain's neural pathways. When we visualize a desired outcome or articulate a positive affirmation, we create neural connections linked to that outcome. Repeating these exercises strengthens these connections. We can amplify this with the power of frequency bias. This means once we start looking, we find evidence it's possible everywhere, further boosting our confidence and motivation.

In our recent wellbeing workshop, we walked through a visualization exercise that encouraged participants to imagine themselves as their 10x selves. We tapped into our dreams, identified with the person who achieves them, and charted the in between. It was inspiring to hear from our community about their aspirations, how they envision their impact growing, and their plans to contribute to the world. As time has passed since the workshop, many of us have realized that we could aim even higher with our 10x selves. Life keeps presenting opportunities where we've been playing it safe and now we're equipped to challenge those boundaries.

To participate in one of our workshops, keep an eye out for our upcoming Soul Sundays events. These monthly gatherings offer a blend of movement, socializing, and wellbeing workshops, fostering community reflection and growth!

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